Why we volunteer

"A few years after I moved to town, I was looking to get more involved. I saw a blurb about the AEF on the town website and contacted John Ellsworth with a suggestion. As is often the case when you make a suggestion, you get roped into doing the work. That was over 13 years ago, and I'm still doing the work, but I still believe in the mission of the AEF being a local charity, directly impacting local people in need, and with 100% of the donations going towards that mission."   

-Roland Houle

“I learned about The Emergency Fund in the late 80s when John Elsworth asked me to help with a Christmas tour at Mavis Crawford's house. I wanted to be involved because I respected the folks who were already involved and wanted to be apart of it!”                                                                                      

-Nadine Nesbitt 

"My wife and I have been contributing to the Emergency Fund for over 30 years. We've always appreciated that none of the donations are spent on staff or fundraising. A few years ago, Nadine asked if I would be interested in joining the board. I was honored to do so."                                                 

-James Zebrowski

"A decade ago I was dropping off some items for the Food Pantry at Cara's office when I noticed a woman my age sitting in a corner filling out what looked like an application. The profound sadness on her face struck me and I contacted John Ellsworth shortly thereafter. A breakfast with John at Sunny Side followed and the rest is history."                                                                                                                                                                                                              

-John Trefethen 

"Teri Wysor asked me to join the committee to help with running an auction fundraiser. I also new and respected others on the committee. My knowledge was expanded to see how the Emergency Fund actually worked. No overhead, funds not given to individuals but to creditors directly and the operation of the food pantry. It is now my main charitable venue and proud to be associated with it."                                                                                                             

-Bill Gath

"Many years ago, as a single Mom, i was befriended by Isabel Harrison and she became my friend and mentor. She brought me to the Ashland Day Committee and then to the Ashland Emergency Fund and i joined both. She was an inspiration to me then and still is now. I was also a very thankful recipient of the Emergency Fund seventeen years ago. I remain thankful for the help and the friendship and the organization and for the privilege of serving my community."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

-Teri Wysor

"I joined the Emergency Fund in 2022 and have been so inspired by the tremendous heart people put in to maintain this incredible resource. I have seen that every time the Fund gives support to someone when they need a hand, there really are no strings attached and no public knowledge. The volunteers truly just want to help."

- Chad Parmet