Ashland Emergency Fund

Quietly providing hope to those in need

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The Ashland Emergency Fund provides temporary financial support to members of the Ashland, Massachusetts, community who are in need.

We work very closely with the Town of Ashland, but we are an independent, charitable organization and not part of the Town government.

We cover expenses with no strings attached. 

And there is no public knowledge of who the recipients are. 

We help our neighbors...

...put food on the table

...put heating oil in the tank electric and gas bills medicine short-term rent and mortgage costs

...cover burial expenses

...get through major medical events

...during disasters, accidents, and other personal traumatic events

We're funded by neighbors

100% of donations are distributed to those in need.

More about us

Since 1987, the Ashland Emergency Fund has been Ashland's behind-the-scenes, private place to which those in need have been able to turn to for help. It was created to help townspeople who unexpectedly face financial challenges for which they have no realistic solution. 

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