Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who does the AEF help?

The AEF helps people in the Ashland, Massachusetts, community. Those receiving help from the AEF are our neighbors and friends.

What percentage of my donation goes towards people in need?


It is mandated in our charter that all donations must be used for assisting those in need. The small administrative costs we have are covered by our board members or underwritten by generous individuals or businesses. 

How can I help the AEF?

  Donate now  

  Volunteer to join the AEF mission  

We are always accepting donations, and please consider volunteering!

Because 100% of donations are distributed to those in need, the AEF relies on our volunteers to keep it running.

If you are unable to donate or volunteer, you can always tell your friends, your neighbors, or your employer about the work that we do. Perhaps they could use our assistance and don’t know we are there to help. Or perhaps they could donate.

How is the AEF funded?

The AEF is funded entirely through donations. The AEF is a private, charitable organization, so we are not part of the government, nor are we a line item on any governmental budget. Like other charitable organizations in town, we sometimes do receive a small grant from the town, but the AEF is not a government agency. 

Is the Food Pantry part of the AEF?

No. Officially, the Food Pantry is part of the Town of Ashland. However, the Food Pantry does not receive a budget to stock the shelves of the pantry. In addition to many generous groups and individuals around town that offer items, the AEF runs several food drives and spends thousands of dollars each year purchasing food for the food pantry.