To accomplish our objectives, the AEF must continually increase its active volunteer membership.

New Ideas and Leaders

The AEF is continually open to new ideas for raising funds. We also need leaders who will take the initiative to turn these ideas into fruitful events for Ashland. If you have suggestions for activities or wish to help the AEF by turning your good ideas into reality please contact us.

Fund Drives

Each year the AEF holds year-end drives to insure that we can continue to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors. The drive is timed for the holiday season, when the impact of economic hardship can be particularly difficult. This year-end drive must grow in scope. In addition, the AEF Board has realized that we must extend fund-raising over a greater part of the year than only the holiday season. The AEF always needs more volunteers to make these fund drives successful.

Please contact us for more information.