The mission of the Ashland Emergency Fund is to provide temporary financial support to members of the Ashland Massachusetts community who are in need.

Joanne Drive Fire Update - March 27, 2018

It's been 3 and a half weeks since the devastating fire on Joanne Drive in Ashland. 50 people were displaced and I'm pleased to report AEF placed many into temporary housing and provided gift cards to help replace clothes, food and medicine lost in the fire. 

Some are now residing in their new homes while others remain in temporary housing. Another week or two and I believe all will have been successfully relocated to different apartments within Chestnut Street Apartments or at other locations. 

Many thanks again to the Ashland Fire Department for their rapid response, safe evacuation of all residents and extinguishing the fire. 

Thanks to the dozens of people who donated clothes, shoes, blankets, towels, laundry detergent and countless other items for the fire victims. Thanks to Cara Tirrell, Jennifer Ball and Jennifer Wuelfing for organizing an event on the Saturday following the fire and inviting all fire victims for breakfast and to collect these donated items and gift cards. 

Most of all, I sincerely thank AEF donors for making this fund available to our neighbors in need. It is because of you that AEF was able to immediately help cover the gap between the time an emergency happens and the arrival of other sources of government or commercial aid. 

AEF is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 charity and your donation to our fund is tax deductible. Our tax id number is 22-2959481. Please consider making a donation to help replenish our fund. Checks can be mailed to AEF, PO Box 112, Ashland, MA, 01721 or made online at making a recurring donation of $10/month to help Ashland neighbors and community members in need.

Joanne Drive Fire - March 5, 2018

The fire on Joanne Drive in Ashland on Sunday evening, March 4th, left approximately 50 people without shelter.  Working with Ashland Department of Family and Youth Services, AEF has provided temporary housing for some of those impacted.  If you, or those you know, were displaced by this fire and are in need of assistance, then fill out an online application to request AEF aid on or contact Ashland Department of Family and Youth Services at 508-881-0140 extension 3 to learn of services for which you, or those you know, may be eligible.  

Sincere thanks to the Ashland Fire Department for safely extinguishing the fire with nearly zero injury and with zero loss of life.  We are truly grateful for the Ashland Fire Department, first responders and all others who assisted in evacuating everyone safely.  

For anyone wishing to donate money to support the victims of this terrible fire, please make an online donation at or send a check to Ashland Emergency Fund, PO Box 112, Ashland, MA 01721.  100% of AEF donations are distributed to our Ashland neighbors and community members in need.  To designate your donation exclusively for fire victims, specify "Joanne Drive Fire March 2018" in the memo of your check or online payment.  Your donation will be spent on temporary housing fees for fire victims and donations in excess of those fees will be disbursed to fire victims to buy new clothing, food and other necessities lost in the fire.

AEF is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 charity (tax id #22-2959481) and all contributions to the AEF are tax deductible.  If anyone has questions about AEF, send email to  Sincere thanks to those who can give.  It is through your generosity and consideration of others in our town that AEF exists as a resource in our town.

Annual Meeting and Election of AEF Officers

The annual election of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer was held on February 8th, 2018 as follows:

Chairman: Rosemary Fedorchak
Vice Chairman: Roland Houle
Secretary: Wendy Fetherston
Treasurer: Rob Wise
Board of Directors (in addition to four officers): John Ellsworth, Isabel Harrison, Teri Wysor, John Trefethen, Bill Gath, Jim Zebrowski, Wendy Pyne, Joyce Crocetti, Nadine Nesbitt

Ashland Clocker Idol Showcases Local Talent!

The 4th annual Clocker Idol talent competition was produced by the Ashland High School Student Council on December 20, 2017.  Two students hosted: Andrew Dunn and Kaleigh Donovan and seven students competed: Anne Fejer, Allen Brodskiy, Adrianna Fawkes, Anthony Boccabella, Julia Caruso, James Lee and Katarina Gertje.

The competition was fierce! These students are extremely talented singers, musicians and/or dancers.  Three students made it to the final round: Adrianna Fawkes, Anthony Boccabella and Julia Caruso.

Another three amazing performances were given and then the audience had to decide.  Audience members were given 5 tickets to use as votes for the winner.  

As the votes were being tallied, Ashland High School Student Council president Kwesi Sakyi and James Lee had a competition of their own as they tried to out-sing each other.  Another great performance by both students.

And the winner was announced: Adrianna Fawkes!! Congrats Adrianna.

These students are not only talented on stage and off, but they are hugely considerate of others. Their event raised $1225.95 and all of it was donated to the Ashland Emergency Fund.  The AEF Board is humbled and gratified to receive their generous donation.  100% of this donation will be used to help Ashland community members in need, per AEF usual procedure.


Student Council Executive Board
Kwesi Sakyi, President
Aadish Joshi, Vice President
Claire Cushman, Secretary
Paulina Chumakov, Treasurer
Sanjana Mandala, Historian
Joshua Wiczer, Advisor

The AEF uses donations to...
  • Put food on the table
  • Put heating oil in the tank
  • Pay electric and gas bills
  • Buy medicine
  • Pay short-term housing costs
  • Cover burial expenses
  • Assist in major medical events
  • Assist in disasters, accidents, and other personal traumatic events.
100% of donations are distributed to those in need. The AEF is a genuine charity, all staff members are volunteers and there is no overhead or operating expenses. For more information about how we operate and how donations are used, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

AEF Objectives
  • To provide emergency financial support for citizens of the Town of Ashland, who find themselves in need, who are unable to resolve that need without assistance, and who are unable to quickly get that emergency assistance from State, Federal, or other sources;
  • To create a permanent fund from which monies may be drawn to meet the emergency requirements of individuals and/or families living in Ashland;
  • To establish an association of individuals able to respond rapidly to emergency situations for which the Emergency Fund itself may not have adequate resources; and
  • To create a heightened sense of responsibility within the community of our duty to support our neighbors in need.

The Ashland Emergency Fund (AEF) is a charity providing financial assistance to recipients according to need, typically on a one-time basis. AEF support may continue until relevant assistance from state agencies is in place or until the crisis passes. Medical, heating, electric, rent, and food are among the expenses for which the AEF offers support. And, any Ashland resident can qualify: those receiving assistance are our neighbors and friends.

The Ashland Emergency Fund was incorporated in 1987 to assist townspeople who unexpectedly face financial challenges for which they have no realistic solution. Since its founding, the charity has given approximately $1,000,000 to over 1750 Ashland citizens. May of our friends and neighbors have benefited directly from the existence of the AEF. Expenses are covered and gifts are made with no strings attached and with no public knowledge of who the recipients are. The AEF is Ashland's behind-the-scenes, private place to which those in need have been able to turn to for help.

In our giving, it is all of us who receive.

The AEF is a 501(c)(3) IRS-recognized charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. - #22-2959481

Typical Annual Breakdown Of Aid - $92,174.19 (based on 2014 data)

Contributions through WAITT

The AEF board is grateful to the following businesses that have contributed to the AEF during the most recent month through the WAITT collaborative.

Consider shopping at these businesses as a thank you for their ongoing support of AEF.

AnyFence LLC
Ashland Auto Sales and Detailing
Ashland Pet Concierge
Ashland Reiki & Wellness Center
Back Stage Dance Center
JFT Photography 
Julie's Z Breads
Main St. Wine and Spirits
Main Street Wine and Spirits
Premier Image
Purple Ink Insurance
Purple Ink Marketing, Inc.
Richard Francis Salon
The Family Pet Hospital 
Zarella Dentistry

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